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‘Measure of last resort’ – EU spox on Poland, Czech Republic, Austria reintroducing border controls with Slovakia

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« Anitta Hipper, spokesperson of the European Union Commission for home, migration, and internal security affairs, stated during a press briefing on Wednesday in Brussels that the reintroduction of border controls must remain ‘exceptional and strictly’ limited in time, and it should a ‘measure of last resort’.
“We are aware of the new measures that have also been notified from Poland, Czech and Austria. For the moment, we are aware that these measures have been introduced for a short period of time. This means 10 days. We are in contact with these member states, the Schengen coordinator is in close touch with them”, she said.
Hipper’s remarks came after the countries’ reported decision to reintroduce checks on borders with Slovakia as a measure to curb illegal migration.
According to local media reports, at least 24,500 migrants entered Slovakia’s territory illegally in 2023.
It was also reported that in the past few weeks, Slovakian authorities have detained approximately 551 migrants trying to enter its territory illegally. »


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