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Nap truck! Press team covering Hangzhou Asian Games hit snooze at ‘Deepsleep’ cabins

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« Hangzhou Asian Games organizing committee placed ‘Deepsleep’ cabin facilities for the journalists who want to take a nap break while covering the multi-sport event, as seen in footage recorded on on Wednesday.
The cabins equipped with pillows, alarm clocks and other elements for the workers’ relax. Organisers were seen providing information and allowing the press teams access to the cabin facilities to sleep after work.
« We receive about 50 to 60 media staff every day. We are operating 24 hours a day. They can reserve up to four hours of sleep during the day, which means you can choose from one hour to four hours according to your own needs. If there is media need at night, they also can sleep here for 8 hours », explained Kuka Deepsleep box staff, Wang Dongsheng.
The 8 deep sleep cabins were completely soundproofed and with the option to listen to relaxation sounds. Some of the cabins were covered with a fragrance of West Lake Longing.
Deepsleep Box was an initiative of the Hangzhou furniture brand Kuka. According to Dongsheng, the level of tje journalists’ satisfaction was top grade.
« We, as a media member, worked like 12 hours per day, it’s a very, very long time work. For my break times, I came in here for one hour. It’s very, very good for me, I think it’s very nice », said a media staff from South Korea, Dong Ik Cho.
The 19th Hangzhou Asian Games will be held from September 23 to October 8, 2023, with some 12,500 athletes from 45 countries competing in over 40 sports. »


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