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Quantum leap! Trio awarded Nobel Chemistry Prize for discovery, synthesis of semiconductor nanocrystals

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« The Nobel Chemistry Prize for 2023 was awarded to three scientists for their groundbreaking work in the field of semiconductor nanocrystals, commonly referred to as quantum dots, at Stockholm’s Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on Wednesday.
The Nobel Committee honoured Moungi Bawendi, Louis Brus, and Alexei Ekimov ‘for the discovery and synthesis of quantum dots,’ recognising their pioneering contributions to nanotechnology.
« These achievements represent an important milestone in nanotechnology and today, there are numerous applications of quantum dots, ranging from QLED screens to imaging in biochemistry, many medicine and much more », explained Johan Aqvist, Chair of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry.
Bawendi said he felt ‘very surprised, shocked, sleepy and very honoured’ after learning of his award during an overnight phone call.
Quantum dots have had a profound impact on various industries, from consumer electronics to healthcare. The tiny nanocrystals have played an important role in the field of materials science and are expected to drive future technological advancements.
According to media reports, the official announcement of the Nobel Chemistry Prize followed an earlier leak of the laureates’ names to a Swedish newspaper.  »


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