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‘The two terrorists came from Syria’ – Turkish FM Fidan on suicide bombing attack in Ankara

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« Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan claimed the perpetrators of the recent suicide bombing outside the Interior Ministry in Ankara came from Syria, during a press conference with his Northern Cypriot counterpart, Tahsin Ertugruloglu, in the capital on Wednesday.
« It is a known fact how clear Turkey’s stance is in the fight against terrorism. After this last incident, as a result of the work carried out by our intelligence and security forces, it became clear that the two terrorists came from Syria and received training here, » said Fidan.
Fidan stressed that Turkey’s response to the terrorist attack would be ‘extremely clear’, adding that facilities belonging to the PKK/YPG in Iraq and Syria are ‘legitimate targets’ of the Turkish Armed Forces.
« Especially in Iraq and Syria, all infrastructure, superstructure and energy facilities belonging to PKK and YPG are the legitimate targets of our security forces, armed forces and intelligence elements from now on,” the minister said
“I hereby recommend that third parties stay away from PKK and YPG-affiliated facilities and individuals. The response of our armed forces to this terrorist attack will be extremely clear and they will once again regret committing such an action, » he continued.
On Sunday, a suicide bomber blew himself up in front of the Security Directorate General in Ankara, injuring two police officers. A second assailant was killed by security forces at the entrance gate. The Turkish Interior Ministry claim to have confirmed that the attackers had links with the PKK. »

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