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‘Tropical climate’ – Sicilians enjoy Palermo’s beaches as summer temperatures continue into October

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« Sicilians took to the beaches to enjoy the kind of hot weather traditionally associated with the summer months, in Palermo on Wednesday.
« The temperature in Palermo and therefore also in Mondello is ideal because you can also swim in winter, » said one beachgoer.
In recent days, temperatures on the Italian island have soared to 30 degrees Celsius and above; a rare occurrence for the time of the year, which has surprised many residents.
« You leave the house with a jacket and a tie, sometimes even with a raincoat and then you return home you find yourself without clothes due to the great heat, » added another local. « In the morning it’s cold, then in the lunch hours it’s hot. It’s a typically tropical climate. »
In July, Sicily and Sardinia were hit with record temperatures during a long heatwave which led to huge wildfires across southern Italy and on the islands. »


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