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‘We might not get that chance again’ – Underwater cave revealed as Canyon Lake water level drops in Texas

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« The water levels at Canyon Lake in Texas receded to such an extent that an underwater cave is emerging from the depths as seen in the footage filmed on Wednesday.
Residents and enthusiasts have flocked to the site to witness this remarkable spectacle.
“This is the first time probably in hundreds of years that you know that this cave or wash out or whatever you like to call it has been exposed and once the lake water are Lake levels rise again you know who knows when we’ll have another opportunity to look in there and visit it,” shared Brandon Oleg, a resident, expressing his amazement.
“I just wanted to bring her out today and get a good look at it later touch the etching and maybe take a little you know trace of it or something like that and because you know in our lifetime, we might not get that chance again,” he added.
Canyon Lake’s water levels have steadily decreased over the years, with a significant drop of 16 feet, according to resident Miguel Martinez, attributing the phenomenon to increased evaporation as the lake’s water surface shrinks.
“The water level has dropped in drastically throughout the years. They’ve been going first five feet, 10 feet, and now it’s 16 feet and you can see by the water and now as the water shrinkage in the lake is more it evaporates faster,” Martinez said.
The lake, situated in Comal County just northeast of San Antonio, is an 8,200-acre man-made reservoir with 80 miles of shoreline. It was originally constructed in 1958 to manage flooding and conserve water, reaching full capacity in 1968 under the management of the US Army Corps of Engineers. »


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