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‘We really need to act now’ – Climate activists block entrance to French Presidential Party HQ to demand investment in thermal renovation

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« Activists from the collective Derniere Renovation staged a protest on Wednesday by blocking the entrance to the headquarters of the Renaissance presidential party in Paris. They are demanding a concrete funding plan for the thermal renovation of buildings.
The footage features the activists sitting in the boulevard in front of the Renaissance presidential party office, chanting slogans like ‘Increase the budget for the thermal renovation’ and ’10 000 citizens died because of thermal sieve.’
« I’ve decided to join the civil resistance because I want my family to live in a state that measures the ecological disaster, and this action aims to encourage MPs to increase the budget for thermal renovation. Every year, 10,000 people in France die in heating flats. We think we really need to act now, not tomorrow, » an activist, Julien, expressed his motivation for joining the protest.
Derniere Renovation is specifically calling for the tripling of funding for MaPrimeRenov in the 2024 Finance Bill, increasing it from €4 billion ($4.20 billion) to €12 billion ($12.61 billion), in line with recommendations from the Citizens’ Climate Convention.
According to reports, the debate on thermal renovation measures has caused division within the majority party, with Economy Minister Bruno le Maire suggesting a potential postponement of the ban on renting out heating-inefficient flats.
Some members of the Renaissance party, like Pierre Cazeneuve, have called for accelerated efforts to meet climate objectives instead of delaying them. »


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