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‘Clear information from our intelligence’ – Zelensky alleges Moscow plans to attacks Baltics ‘by 2028’ during EPC Granada summit

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« Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told European leaders that his country had ‘clear information’ Moscow was planning to attack the ‘Baltic states and definitely other countries’ by 2028, during his speech at the European Political Community Summit in Granada on Thursday.
« Russia is now considering various scenarios for the coming years, and one of them is particularly dangerous, » the leader claimed. « If there is some pause in their aggression against Ukraine, any freezing of the situation, there will be a new critical moment, 2028, if Russia is allowed to adapt now. »
He alleged that by that year, Moscow would ‘be able to restore the military potential that we destroyed, and it will have enough strength to attack the countries, focusing on Russia’s expansion’.
« In addition to Ukraine, these are definitely the Baltic states and definitely other countries where Russia’s contingencies are present. This is clear information from our intelligence, and we are signalling it directly to you, » Zelensky added.
« We do not doubt NATO’s strengths, but I’m sure none of you want to find out what it will be like if, God forbid, NATO has to stand up for one of you, » he continued. « We have to win in Ukraine, so Putin cannot scale this war of aggression against someone else. »
European Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen also stated that a ‘permanent member of the UN Security Council’ posed a threat to security and that it was the EU’s ‘obligation’ to make sure Ukraine prevailed.
Moscow has not responded to the allegations made by the Ukrainian president. It has repeatedly claimed that the Ukraine conflict is a specific ‘special military operation’ in the region, posing no external threat, and has warned the EU, NATO and other allies about escalating the situation with repeated military backing for Kiev.
Zelensky’s speech came following the decision by the US Congress to exclude further military funding from Kiev from its latest budget, amid mounting opposition from Republicans. Ahead of the EPC meeting, the EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell also admitted that ‘Europe cannot replace the US’.
The 3rd EPC meeting in Granada includes heads of state or government from all 27 EU members as well as representatives from 18 other neighbours. The grouping will discuss shared political interests, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict. »

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