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‘Dictate from Brussels, from Berlin’ – Polish PM slams EU’s new migration reform package

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« Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki labeled EU’s new migration reform package as a ‘dictate from Brussels and Berlin’ during a press conference held in Warsaw on Wednesday.
Morawiecki affirmed that the new deal creates a ‘bigger problem’ by ‘inviting hundreds more boats full of illegal economic migrants to Europe’.
« A very clear question should be asked why we should agree to this dictate from Brussels, a dictate from Berlin. After all, in the last ten years, the Germans have been wrong in all the most important matters in which it was possible to be wrong », he stated.
He continued by saying that he doesn’t want ‘another Lampedusa in Poland’ and said that during his trip to Granada for the European Council summit, he will put in a ‘tough and strong’ veto against the new measure.
“We see what is happening in Lampedusa today. Lampedusa has become a symbol today and will certainly be a topic of discussion at the European Council meeting, as a fundamental problem on the solution of which the future of Europe will depend », Morawiecki declared.
Polish President Andrzej Duda added by saying that the topic will shape both the European Union and Poland’s migration situation in the future, mentioning that either the authorities will have control over the country’s borders or migrants will ‘impose their will’ on the governments.
“Then the protection of the European Union’s borders will become an illusory matter », he said.
The remarks came after envoys from European Union member countries reached a deal on ‘crisis regulation’ for asylum seekers, establishing emergency measures that can be taken in the event of mass, unforeseen migration flows. »


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