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‘Europe cannot replace the US’ – Borrell admits EU countries unable to make up lost funding for Ukraine following Congress budget row

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« EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell admitted that Europe would not be able to ‘replace the US’ in terms of support for Ukraine, following the latest budget row in Congress, as he arrived at the European Political Community Summit in Granada on Thursday.
« Certainly Europe cannot replace the US, » he said, but added that ‘Europe is increasing its support’.
« On the table there are proposals for 50 billion euros for the civilian and economic side and 20 billion for the military side and we did that before waiting for the US to take decisions, » he continued.
Borrell also stated that he was in Kiev when he heard the news about the US budget deal, which had not included additional backing for Ukraine’s military in the conflict with Russia amid growing Republican opposition.
« That was certainly not expected and it’s certainly not good news but they hope it’s not going to be a definite position of the US, » he said.
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen added that she believed the EU had sent a ‘strong message’ to Russia that ‘aggression will not be tolerated’, following the meeting of foreign ministers in Kiev.
Moscow has repeatedly accused the EU and Western allies of escalating the conflict in Ukraine with weapons deliveries and rhetoric, prolonging what it calls the ‘special military operation’.
Borrell also stated that it was a ‘shame’ that neither Azerbaijan nor Turkey, which he described as Baku’s ‘main ally’, were not present at the talks to discuss the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh.
« We couldn’t talk here about such a serious issue, when over 100,000 people are leaving their homes in a rush fleeing a military intervention, » he said, referring to what Baku described as it’s recent ‘anti-terrorist operation’.
Both Azerbaijan and Armenia accused each other of escalating the situation in the breakaway region last month. The self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic subsequently agreed to a ceasefire and Baku suspended its actions.
The 3rd EPC meeting in Granada is set to include heads of state or government from all 27 EU members as well as representatives from 18 other neighbours. The grouping will discuss shared political interests, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict. »


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