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‘Feels amazing’- Manhattan’s first public beach opens at Gansevoort Peninsula

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« After 25 years of development, Manhattan’s very first public beachfront has officially opened its doors at the beautiful Gansevoort Peninsula in New York. This long-awaited achievement has been met with excitement and gratitude from locals.
« It feels amazing, i love New York and how much money it spends to make the city better,. the sand feels weird but doesn’t matter, its great to leave work and come here for a couple of hours. » said Ilicia a Newyorker.
« It’s crazy, I mean a few days ago it was raining so bad and we had an emergency situation, and then it was so cold and now so warm. this’s crazy, yeah, » another Newyorker added, refering to the severe rainstorm that hit the city last week.
Gansevoort Peninsula is not only a beach but also a fresh entry point for kayakers and non-motorised watercraft enthusiasts. This 5.5-acre haven has become the largest dedicated recreational area within the Hudson River Park, providing a space for people to enjoy outdoor activities by the water.
The beach offers a remarkable 1,200 tons of sand, creating a truly immersive experience. The beach is equipped with beach umbrellas, Adirondack-style seating, and even a misting feature for refreshing and removing sand. »


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