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German Chancellor Scholz ‘very convinced’ that US will continue aid to Ukraine at presser with Bulgarian PM

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« German Chancellor Olaf Scholz received Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov at the Chancellery in Berlin on Wednesday to discuss bilateral and EU issues.
Footage shows Scholz greeting Denkov, and the two leaders holding a joint press conference after their talks in the German capital.
Scholz expressed confidence that United States will continue providing extensive aid to Ukraine, despite the budget dispute in the US Congress, during the press conference.
« I am very convinced that the American Congress will make the necessary support for Ukraine possible. There are a large number of members of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party who think this support is right and large majorities are still in favour of it, » said Scholz.
« I am convinced that the political process will allow the funds for further support for Ukraine to be approved quickly in addition to those that have already been approved and are available for a long time, so it is a big task but I am very confident, » he added.
German Chancellor’s remarks came following the decision by the US Congress to exclude further military funding for Ukraine from its latest budget, amid mounting opposition from Republicans.
Scholz also stated that he is grateful for Bulgaria’s efforts to advance border security measures as the European Union tackles with irregular migration, at the press conference with his counterpart Denkov. »

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