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Kaiser Permanente’s healthcare workers gather outside hospital in Oakland as 3-day national strike kicks off

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« Dozens of healthcare workers gathered in front of Kaiser Permanente in Oakland on Wednesday, launching a massive strike all over the country to demand better wages, more staffing and fair treatment as the health sector is still overburdened after the COVID pandemic.
Protesters could be seen sitting and marching while chanting slogans and holding signs calling for fair treatment such as « Give us fair wages, inflation is higher than Seth Rogan » and « Respect healthcare workers. »
« For me, I am here because of short-staffing, the staffing went into the floor after the pandemic, » said one of the patients.
The strike involves 85,000 employees of hospitals and clinics in six states and Washington DC, serving almost 13 million people.
Earlier, The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, which represents has given its approval for a three-day strike in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. »


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