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Norwegian author Jon Fosse wins 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature for ‘innovative plays and prose which give voice to the unsayable’

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« Norwegian author and dramatist Jon Fosse has been awarded the 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature on Thursday for his groundbreaking contributions to both plays and prose.
« The Nobel Prize in Literature for 2023 is awarded to the Norwegian author Jon Foss for his innovative plays and prose which give voice to the unsayable, announced Mats Malm, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy of Literature.
The Swedish Academy recognised Fosse’s extensive body of work, spanning various genres such as plays, novels, poetry collections, essays, children’s books, and translations.
« Fosse blends a rootedness in the language and nature of his Norwegian background, with artistic techniques in the wake of modernism, » Swedish Academy member Anders Olsson said.
Born in 1959 in Haugesund on Norway’s west coast, Jon Fosse is widely celebrated as one of the most performed playwrights in the world. His writing seamlessly combines the linguistic and natural aspects of his Norwegian heritage with artistic influences from modernism.
Fosse’s writing is anchored in the ‘new Norwegian’ language, Nynorsk, a lesser-known official version spoken by only about 10% of the country’s population.
This unique version of Norwegian emerged in the 19th century, drawing from rural dialects and serving as an alternative to the dominant use of Danish following a 400-year union with Denmark.
The Nobel Prize in Literature comes with a prize of 11 million Swedish crowns (approximately $990,000, €948,000). »


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