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‘Our dream became a reality!’ – Rabat locals celebrate co-hosting of 2030 FIFA World Cup

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« Rabat citizens welcomed FIFA’s selection of Morocco, along with Spain and Portugal, to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup Finals on Thursday.
Residents expressed their joy at the news, as they voiced their hopes for the event to benefit the country in terms of infrastructure and job opportunities.
Abdul Naeem Al Qasimi, a local, said Moroccans ‘have been dreaming and striving for thirty-six years to make it happen’. « Today our dream became a reality », he said.
« The decision to jointly host the World Cup with Spain and Portugal demonstrates that Morocco’s veins are in Africa while its roots extend to Europe. The Moroccan people are overjoyed with this victory which is deemed not only as a beneficially sport event, but a huge workshop that will help Morocco to achieve progress in several fields », said another resident, Khaled Fathi.
On Wednesday, the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) announced that the 2030 Football World Cup will be hosted by six different countries across three continents. The first phase of the competition will be in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.
Morocco, Portugal, and Spain will organize the finals phase of the World Cup, which will take place from June to July of 2030, with 104 matches. Morocco will be the second African country to host a World Cup, along with South Africa in 2010. »


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