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Scholz, Zelensky meet on sidelines of European Political Community Summit in Granada

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« German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky held talks on Thursday, on the sidelines of the European Political Community Summit in Granada.
Footage shows Zelensky and Scholz posing for an official picture and starting their meeting along with other officials.
According to local media reports, Scholz agreed to provide a new Patriot air defence system to Kiev.
Germany has reportedly agreed to send 2.2 billion euros worth of military equipment to Kiev in 2023, after 2 billion euros of aid were delivered in 2022.
The 3rd EPC meeting in Granada gathers heads of state or government from all 27 EU members as well as representatives from 18 other neighbouring countries. The grouping will discuss shared political interests, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict. »


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