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Slovakia begins traffic checks at Hungarian border in bid to curb migration

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« Slovakia tightened traffic controls at its border with Hungary on Thursday in response to an increase in the number of migrants crossing its territory.
Footage shows vehicles crossing the Slovak-Hungarian border at Rajka with some of them being stopped by police for checks.
Slovak authorities have announced that controls on their border with Hungary will begin on Thursday and last for 10 days.
The increased border protection comes on top of a wave of similar border measures that other central European countries – Poland, Czech Republic and Austria – have imposed in recent days.
Slovak Prime Minister Ludovit Odor, labelled the measures as a ‘chain reaction’, saying a European agreement to protect the EU’s external borders would be a preferable response.
In response to these measures, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that the EU was to blame, claiming that Brussels ‘sends an invitation letter to migrants, attracts them like a magnet’.
Some 40,000 migrants have entered Slovakia this year, mostly from the Middle East and Afghanistan. »

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