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‘Some voices are very strange’ – Zelensky blames ‘difficult election period’ in US for Ukraine funding uncertainty

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« Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that ‘very strange’ opinions among US lawmakers and a ‘difficult election period’ for the United States had contributed to uncertainty over military funding for Kiev, as he arrived at the European Political Community Summit in Granada on Thursday.
« I think it’s too late for us to worry, I think we have to work on it, » he said, adding that he had seen bipartisan backing in the US Congress.
« I think it’s important of course, [there is a] difficult election period for the United States, different voices, some of the voices are very strange, about this. Also we will speak about this today, » Zelensky continued.
On Saturday, the US Congress passed a last-ditch 45-day funding bill to avoid a government shutdown, although it included no additional funding for Ukraine following growing Republican opposition.
The ousting of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday is also set to delay the Biden government’s 24 billion dollar request for additional military supplies for Kiev, submitted in the summer.
The 3rd EPC meeting in Granada is set to include heads of state or government from all 27 EU members as well as representatives from 18 other neighbours. The grouping will discuss shared political interests, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict. »


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