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Suspect charged in Tupac Shakur’s 1996 shooting appears in court for arraignment in Las Vegas

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« The alleged murderer, Duane Keith Davis, who is believed to be responsible for the 1996 fatal shooting of rapper Tupac Shakur, made his first court appearance in Las Vegas, Nevada, Wednesday.
Duane Keith Davis, also known as ‘Keffe D’ was reportedly taken into custody on Friday morning, as announced by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sheriff Kevin McMahill during a press briefing.
In July, Davis’ residence in Henderson, Nevada, was subjected to a search as part of the ongoing probe into the shooting incident.
« We were very frustrated. Very angry at the fact that for it to be on the strip, so many witnesses, yet no witnesses. So many people see everything yet no one saw anything. So just the frustration of so much information out there yet no information out there for such a high profile case has been extremely frustrating for everyone, » said Katrina Scott, Tupac Shakur’s cousin.
Shakur met his tragic end when he was shot and killed as he was departing a boxing match on the Las Vegas Strip. His premature demise, occurring at the young age of 25, has generated numerous conspiracy theories and has been under investigation for decades. »

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