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Thousands of women rally against Modi govt, demand gender equality in Delhi

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« Thousands of women from across India gathered in Delhi on Thursday for a Parliament march organized by the All India Democratic Women’s Association (Aidwa) to demand gender equality.
Protestesr displayed placards and banners of the All India Janwadi Mahila Samiti (All India Association to Protect Women’s Lives) while chanting against the government, which they dub ‘the most anti-women government.’ According to local media, over 10,000 protesters joined the rally.
« We are here because, in the last 9 years, we have found this government to be the most anti-women government. We have been protesting against it ever since it has come to power. This communal, cast and socially conservative government, and we want to protest. This is our first attempt as a wider mobilization », said a protester.
Local media reported the massive rally came after weeks of regional protest in several Indian cities, including Mumbai and Kolkata. Demonstrators denounce an increase of crimes against women in the last fewyears under Modi’s administration, as well as budget cuts that especially affect women. »


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