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🔴 Live: Virgin Galactic launches fourth commercial spaceflight

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« Virgin Galactic launches its fourth commercial spaceflight, the Galactic 04 mission, from Spaceport America in New Mexico on Friday, October 6.

The team includes chief astronaut instructor Beth Moses and three tourists; executive chairperson of Space Trust Namira Salim – the first ever Pakistani citizen in space – as well as British advertising executive Trevor Beattie and American space and astronomy educator Ron Rosano.

Accompanied by commander Kelly Latimer and mission pilot CJ Sturckow, the crew will be taken into space by SpaceShipTwo vehicle VSS Unity. The double-cockpit carrier aircraft VMS Eve will release VSS Unity and its crew at a distance of 15,000 metres (50 000 feet) for its suborbital flight lasting a few minutes. »

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