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’10 billion opportunity’ – Madrid’s football fans react to 2030 World Cup decision

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« Football fans in Madrid reacted on Thursday, to the news that FIFA had chosen their country as one of the hosts for the 2030 World Cup.
“I think it’s money for the country and I think it’s 15 venues so far, so fantastic, plus the best stadiums in Spain, so it’s good news of course », said Jesus, a Madrid resident.
Even those who had doubts about the news are now acknowledging that this is a fantastic opportunity. Meanwhile, newsstands in Madrid are promoting the substantial investment with slogans like ‘A £10 billion opportunity.’
“It seems to me that there are too many countries because the ‘pre-selection’. I think is in Latin America and it seems a bit excessive so many planes, so many teams, so many people moving around, but as long as the Spanish economy is doing well, I think it’s fine,” declared Lucia, a Madrid resident.
“I think it’s an expense, so let’s see how it goes, it’s a very big expense and let’s see how it goes,” said Mario, another fellow citizen.
The announcement, delivered on Wednesday by FIFA President Gianni Infantino, introduces innovation within the organization and presents significant challenges. The tournament, marking its 100th anniversary, will be hosted by a total of six countries.
The competition will commence in Montevideo, Uruguay, the same city where the inaugural World Cup took place in 1930. Argentina and Paraguay will also host first-round matches. Subsequently, the victors will depart South America and journey to Europe and Africa, specifically Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, where the final phase of matches will be held.
FIFA has not made a final decision on the venue yet, but there have been rumours suggesting that the semi-finals might be held in Rabat, Morocco, and the final could take place at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid. »


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