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Empty gas cylinders pile up in Niamey as junta announces ban on all LPG gas exports

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« Hundreds of empty cylinders were seen waiting to be taken by trucks to gas pumping stations in Niamey on Thursday after Niger’s military junta announced a ban on all exports of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) until further notice.
After the ruling, all LPG produced in Niger will be used to supply the domestic market to meet growing demand. Previously, most gas exports from the country were being sent to neighbouring Nigeria, the largest consumer of liquid petroleum in Africa.
In the event of a domestic gas surplus, exporters will reportedly be able to apply for a permit which authorises sales in foreign countries.
« I appreciate it as a gas seller because long before this, we had a problem because there wasn’t enough gas. It’s something we say we produce, but until now we’ve had a gas problem,” said Abdul Karim, a local LPG supplier.
“Then you learn that foreign countries come to take gas from us even though they produce it themselves,” he added.
The ban on LPG came into effect on October 1, with Niger’s energy minister Abdoulaye Issa saying the move was part of a wider plan to develop the domestic gas sector and boost industrialisation efforts.
LPG, also known as cooking gas, is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as fuel for cooking, heating and other applications. »


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