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Hospital treats wounded after drone strike on graduation ceremony in Homs kills 89, injures 277 *DISTRESSING*

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« A drone attack killed 89 people and injured 277 at a military college in Homs during a graduation ceremony on Thursday.
Some of the injured were carried to the nearby Military Hospital, were they were treated of their wounds. Several victims remain in critical condition.
Syrian government blamed unidentified ‘terrorists’ for targeting the young officers and their relatives at the military academy.
At least six women and six children were among the victims, according to. Syrian Health Minister Hassan al-Ghabash.
Syrian Defence Minister Ali Mahmoud Abbas reportedly attended the graduation ceremony, but left the premises shortly before the strike.
Syria has been fighting a war with armed militants backed by international forces since 2011. Thursday’s attack is one of the deadliest against a Syrian military installation. Since the beginning of he hostilities. »

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