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samedi, avril 20, 2024

‘It is very uncomfortable’ – Madrid’s temperature exceeds 40°C in unseasonable heat

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« Residents and tourists of Madrid were seen hiding in the shadows and using fans to stay cool on Friday as temperatures reached 38 degrees Celsius in the Spanish capital.
Footage shows people drinking water from fountains and using umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun.
« It is very uncomfortable, of course, because from day to day, going to work and coming back becomes more cumbersome. It’s like there’s no fresh air coming in, » said one of the locals.
Others also stated that climate change is directly impacting Madrid, mentioning that these kinds of heat waves were supposed to end in August.
“It’s definitely something we need to pay attention to. It’s no longer a passing issue to worry about later on, » expressed a local worker.
Local media reports indicate that Spain is experiencing its warmest October on record, with temperatures expected to reach nearly 40 degrees Celsius this weekend across the country. »


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