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Mosul’s Prophet Seth mosque reopens after 9 years of being demolished by ISIS

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« The Prophet Seth Mosque in Mosul has finally reopened its doors on Thursday, symbolizing the completion of its reconstruction after being demolished by ISIS and damaged during the conflicts in northern Iraq.
The reconstruction was made possible through the financial support of the Sunni Endowment Office and generous donations from charitable organizations and the people of Mosul. Ahmed Rakan, a Sheikh from the Sunni Endowment, confirmed the funding sources.
« People used to come and seek blessings at the Shrine of our prophet Seth, peace be upon him, the son of our prophet Seth, peace be upon him. They were coming to visit this blessed place and their requests used to come true, » said one of the locals who attended the opening.
The Al-Nabi Shith Mosque was completely destroyed on 24 July 2014 when the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant detonated explosives within its premises. Additionally, it was reported that the militants had taken artefacts from the shrine and transported them to an undisclosed destination.
Mosul was under the control of ISIS from June 2014 to July 10 2017 until Iraqi forces liberated the city after a nine-month battle. The most intense fighting occurred in the old city of Mosul, resulting in the destruction of numerous buildings, including ancient churches and monasteries. »


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