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Protesters arrested while splashing Macron’s party HQ with orange paint in Paris

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« For the third consecutive day, activists from Derniere Renovation, or ‘Last Renovation,’ staged a protest in Paris, this time targeting the headquarters of President Emmanuel Macron’s party, Renaissance in Paris on Friday.
The demonstration involved six activists who used orange paint to cover the entrance to the building, as well as blocking access with their arms secured in front of the entrance using PVC pipes, as featured footage shows.
The ongoing protests by Derniere Renovation are part of their demand for increased funding to address climate change, particularly focusing on thermal insulation renovations for buildings.
Wearing T-shirts bearing the slogan ‘Don’t back down, speed up,’ the activists referred to the government’s perceived delays in addressing the issue of renovating and improving the thermal insulation of buildings.
« The government is doing nothing for the thermal renovation of buildings. It’s 5 million buildings that are thermal wastes. It’s 10,000 deaths every summer because of thermal polluters, » shouted one of the activists during the protest.
‘Last Renovation’ demands include increased public financing for thermal renovation projects to 12 billion euros.
« As citizens, we demand respect for our democracy. 12 billion », screamed another activist while blocking the entrance of the party building during the protest.
Derniere Renovation stresses that the National Assembly, the Senate, renovation experts, and even the citizens’ climate convention have all advocated for this increase, which they view as a critical step in addressing climate change and the associated social challenges, according to local media sources. »


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