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dimanche, décembre 3, 2023

‘There is still hope!’ – Thousands of climate activists join ‘Fridays for Future’ march in Rome

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« Thousands of activists took to the streets of Rome on Friday to demand more action to tackle climate change during a march organised by the ‘Fridays for Future’ group.
Footage shows demonstrators marching through the streets of the Italian capital with flags, banners, and signs.
“There is still hope to create a diverse Italy. There is hope of creating an Italy that truly goes in the direction of a true ecological transition, which is not simply energy. A transition that really goes in the direction of social justice. It is a truly better future for everyone”, said Ludovica, one of the protesters.
According to local media reports, at least 5,000 people took part in the march. It was also reported that ‘Fridays for Future’ marches spread across other 35 Italian on Friday. »

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