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‘They are really worth it’ – Euphoria among Chinese basketball fans as women’s team take gold in Asian games

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« Huge crowds of jubilant Chinese basketball fans were seen leaving Hangzhou’s Olympic stadium on Thursday after their nation’s women’s team triumphed over Japan to take gold in the Asian Games final.
“Everyone was shouting for the women’s basketball team all the time. In particular, there was a child who had a very loud voice beside me, and I have a little pain in my right ear,” said a local fan after the game.
« Today is my first time to see the Chinese women’s basketball team win the championship in a stadium. We both shouted ourselves hoarse at the scene,” added basketball influencer Feng Jingjing
“I hope everyone will pay more attention to the women’s basketball team. They are really worth it, » she continued.
China successfully defended its women’s basketball championship title after defeating Japan 74-72.
Meanwhile, South Korea triumphed over the North Korean women’s team to win a bronze medal.
On Wednesday, the Chinese men’s basketball team lost their game against the Philippines in the semi-finals, much to the disappointment of many fans. »


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