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‘We need a constant and renewed ‘way out’ to what we deliver’ – Govt spox addresses Taurus missile delivery to Ukraine

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« During the German government press conference in Berlin on Friday, journalists raised questions about the delivery of Taurus KEPD missiles to Eastern Ukraine, a topic previously discussed favourably by certain ministers within the German government.
« We need a constant and renewed ‘way out’ as to what we can actually deliver to Ukraine, and he has also indicated once again that it is also crucial for him that Germany must not be dragged into this conflict and that this conflict is not extended., » said Christiane Hoffmann, Deputy Spokesperson of the Federal Government, speaking about the German Chancellor.
Chancellor Olaf Scholz had recently emphasised the importance of considering constitutional factors when deciding on weapon deliveries. However, specific details about these considerations and their relevance to the ongoing situation were not provided during the press conference.
In response to the recent Russian attack on a village in the Kharkiv region of eastern Ukraine, the German government strongly condemned the action.
« Targeted attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure are a serious violation of international humanitarian law. We condemn them in the strongest terms and call on Russia to immediately stop the senseless killing and respect international humanitarian law, » said Hoffmann.
This condemnation followed an incident in the eastern Ukrainian town of Hrosa, near Kupyansk, where a cafe and a grocery store were reportedly hit by a missile.
The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office reported at least 51 fatalities and six others injured.
However, Russia rejected the allegations that the Russian army was firing on civilians.
Moscow launched a military offensive in Ukraine in late February 2022 after recognising the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR), claiming that Kiev had failed to guarantee their special status under the 2014 Minsk Agreements, and urging Ukraine to declare itself officially neutral and give assurances that it would never join NATO.
Kiev denounced the Russian action as an invasion. Zelensky imposed martial law throughout the country, announcing a general mobilisation, while the EU and the US imposed several rounds of sanctions on Moscow. »


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