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Yeltsin vs Parliament – Watch Russia’s dramatic 1993 constitutional crisis *ARCHIVE*

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« Archive footage filmed in late September to early October 1993 features Muscovites during the Russian constitutional crisis, the stand-off between President Boris Yeltsin and the country’s parliament.
Footage features hundreds of supporters of both sides taking to the streets, constructing and destroying barricades, as well as clashing with law enforcement officers.
Armed men also can be seen running around the city centre and detaining people, as well as heavy vehicles on the streets and the reported storming of Ostankino Television Centre.
The political conflict between the centrist, free-market reformers of President Yeltsin’s government and parliament’s leftists culminated in the army shelling and storming the White House on Yeltsin’s orders on October 4.
Supreme Soviet speaker Ruslan Khasbulatov and Vice President Aleksandr Rutskoy, leaders of the anti-Yeltsin protesters, had barricaded themselves in the building, as their supporters attacked the Moscow mayor’s office and Ostankino Television Centre.
Yeltsin declared a state of emergency and ordered a military assault, detaining Khasbulatov and Rutskoy.
In December 1993, Yeltsin held a referendum on a new constitution that strengthened and consolidated the authority of the presidency.
This archive footage is released as part of the ‘100 Key Events in Russia in the 20th and 21st Centuries’, a project with the Russian State Documentary Film and Photo Archive (rgakfd.ru). »

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