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Colombian artist Fernando Botero is buried in Pietrasanta, Tuscany

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« The remains of Colombian artist and sculptor Fernando Botero, who died in September at age of 91, were laid to rest in the Italian Tuscany town of Pietrasanta on Saturday.
Footage features mourners gathered at a funerary ceremony, as they paid their respects and expressed their deep sorrow for the artist’s death. Botero passed away in Monaco on 15 September.
« My father was a very simple person. I have always said that the greatest men are often the simplest, and that is why he treated everyone the same », said Lisa Botero, the artist’s daughter.
« He was an ambassador of Pietrasanta in the world thanks to his works that he created here because in Pietrasanta there are the best artisans in the world, and therefore this bond with the artisans led him to make Pietrasanta his home », explained the town’s mayor Alberto Giovannetti.
Botero’s ashes were laid to rest alongside his wife, Greek artist Sophia Vari, who passed away in May. The artist had reportedly expressed his wish to be buried in the Italian town, where he owned a house.
Botero was born in Medellin, Colombia, on 19 April 1932, and his extense oeuvre in painting and sculpture turned him into an internationally renowned artist, with his works exhibited in major museums around the world. »


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