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Former Olympic table tennis champ Ding Ning elected to OCA athletes’ committee in Hangzhou Asian Game

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« Tony Tarraf, the Head of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Athletes Development Department, officially unveiled the results of the inaugural Athletes Commission election held in Hangzhou last Saturday.
‘Until the last day, which was yesterday 12 PM, we reached 7785 votes with a 66%. And this is a big percentage for the elections taking place for the first time,’ Tarraf stated.
“I did go to the events of e-sports and I enjoyed it very much. It’s something very different and I am sure it will be a big topic for the future athlete committees to consider including our e-sports,” said Kotani Mikako, Chair of the OCA Athletes Committee.
The remark came after e-sports joined the 19th Asian Games for the first time and whether these players will be considered to be OCA members in the future.
The female candidate winner for the East Asia Zone is the former Olympic table tennis champion Ning Ding from China, with a total vote cast of 4435.
“It is a new challenge for me to sit here for the first time and participate in the election and work of the Athletes Committee of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). Countless times, I have stood on the field and given countless post-match interviews, but this time it really makes me feel very different,” Ding shared her feelings about being selected.
Mikako extended her congratulations to Ding while expressing her readiness to share her ‘knowledge and experience’ with fellow new members.
“Having female involvement in athlete committee is fantastic. We had candidates for both men and females from the beginning so that we could have a gender balance at committee, which is a big step for OCA. Next step is how the female member will be active and cheerful,” she continued while talking about female involvement in the committee.
A total of 26 athletes stood for election, while one female and one male representative from each of the five zones of the OCA were selected. The next election will be held in Nagoya, where the next Asian Games will be held. »


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