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‘Frexit’ rally claims against EU, NATO in Paris

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« Hundreds of protesters joined a ‘Frexit’ movement rally in Paris on Saturday, to claim against France’s participation in the European Union and NATO.
Demonstrators marched with French flags, as well as signs with messages against Emmanuel Macron’s government, as well as NATO and EU.
The president nationalist movement ‘Les Patriotes’, Florian Philippot, led the march before tearing down EU and NATO flags while haranguing protesters.
« Everything is working together to ensure that France regains its freedom, because it’s clear that we no longer have it », Philippot said. « Today ‘Frexit’ is symbolic, we’re tearing up flags, but tomorrow it will be real, I’m absolutely convinced of that », he added.
The ‘Frexit’ movement, which advocates for the removal of France from European institutions, has gained popularity in the last few years, and it was also supported by political figures. MP for National Rally and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen vowed to hold a ‘Frexit’ referendum if she was elected. »

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