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‘Inspire them to do what they love!’ – Fans excited for first breakdance finals at Hangzhou Asian Games

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« Hundreds of fans arrived at the Gongshu Canal Sports Park Gymnasium in Gongshu, Hangzhou, on Saturday to witness the breaking dance style competition finals at the 19th Asian Games, ahead of the category’s expected introduction at the Paris Summer Games next year.
« It is not easy for breakdancing to enter such an international competition. In the past, this kind of game had some prejudices in the eyes of parents and the media », commented an attendee, Zheng. « I hope that after breakdancing enters the Asian Games, it can officially become an influential sports event », she added.
« I think this competition can inspire teens who like breakdancing, because in the past, people may have thought that breakdancing was not a very formal or serious activity. But it’s different now if they dance well, they can represent the country in competitions and win glory for the country. So for teens who love breakdancing, this can inspire them to do what they love », commented Zeng, another fan.
The breaking competition began on Friday with a pre-selection round to determine the lineup for the men’s and women’s round-robin battles before Saturday’s elimination phase. A total of 45 dancers, formally referred to as « b-boys » and « b-girls, » are competing in the sport, 25 in the men’s category and 20 in the women’s.
Breakdancing, also known as ‘breaking’, started by black and Latino youths in the Bronx in the 1970s. It is a blend of dance styles such as locking, popping and rock fused into a physically demanding expression. Those in the industry prefer not to restrict breaking to a single category, such as an art form or sport, but to refer to it as a « culture. » »

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