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Munich’s streets adorned with election posters as Bavarian state elections approach

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« As the Bavarian state election approaches, Munich’s streets are adorned with election posters featuring candidates from different political parties.
Footage shot on Friday captures the posters displaying candidates from a range of German political parties, including the Christian Social Union, the Left, the Free Democratic Party, Alternative for Germany, the Free Voters of Bavaria, the Greens, and the Social Democratic Party.
This signalled the approach of the 19th Landtag of Bavaria’s elections, where 180 members will be chosen on October 8, 2023.
As the election draws near, key issues such as border controls, environmental policies, and federal government decisions are expected to be central to the regional vote.
Presently, Bavaria is governed by Minister-President Markus Soder, in a coalition between the Christian Social Union and the Free Voters of Bavaria. »

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