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‘Pure terrorism’ – VdL condemns Hamas attack on southern Israel, defends Tel Aviv is ‘entitled to defend itself’

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« European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen condemned the attack carried by the Palestinian militants of Hamas in southern Israel during her speech at the Renaissance European Campus event, held on Saturday in Bordeaux.
Von der Leyen stated that violence is ‘neither a political solution nor an act of bravery’, and expressed EU’s support for Tel Aviv.
‘It is pure terrorism. And Israel is entitled to defend itself. The European Union stands with Israel in this ordeal. Dear friends, this ordeal is the latest on a long list of challenges that we will overcome together, » she declared.
Von der Leyen’s remarks came after Hamas Palestinian militants launched a surprise attack on Israel. Over 2,000 rockets were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip, while armed ground forces entered southern Israel via land, sea, and air. Dozens of Israeli civilians were reportedly killed, and hundreds were injured.
In turn, the Israeli Defense Force launched strikes against Hamas targets in Gaza and deployed forces in dozens of locations where fighting was reported.
Medical sources in Gaza report that at least 200 Palestinians have been killed and over 1,600 injured in retaliatory strikes. The Israeli Air Force reported that two military infrastructures of high-ranking members of Hamas inside high-rise buildings were attacked in the operation.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country was ‘at war’ and that there would be ‘severe retaliation’ in response to the attack by Palestinian militants. Senior Hamas member Saleh al-Arouri said the militant group was ready ‘for all options, including a war and an escalation on all levels’ according to media reports.
The Palestinian offensive comes on the 50th anniversary of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, when Israel was attacked by Arab states on Yom Kippur. »

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