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‘Shameful’ – Thousands march in Milan against mass slaughter of pigs due to ASF outbreak

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« Thousands of animal rights activists took to the streets of Milan on Saturday in protest against the mass slaughter of pigs housed in an animal shelter amid an African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak.
Footage shows activists holding placards and banners bearing slogans such as ‘Friends, Not Food’ as they marched in procession through the city centre.
The protesters gathered to voice their outrage after it was revealed that Italian authorities ordered the slaughter of nine pigs at the Progetto Cuori Liberi sanctuary in Pavia last year because they lived in an area struck by an outbreak of ASF.
“What happened was unacceptable and shameful. The vets and the police entered by force and killed the pigs, which were healthy at the time,” a demonstrator said.
« We are here to denounce this disgrace and to say that we will continue to fight both for the animals that are locked up in intensive farms, for wild animals like wild boars that are persecuted, and for the animals in the shelters,” she added.
According to local reports, around 10,000 demonstrators from all over Italy and beyond took part in the march, which began at Palazzo Lombardia in the afternoon.
Protests against the mass slaughter of pigs have also taken place in Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. »


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