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Thousands of Nairobi residents rally against gay rights, expressing opposition to court’s decision in Kenya

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« Thousands of Nairobi residents took to the streets of the Kenyan capital on Friday to protest against gay rights in their country, gathering in front of the Supreme Court in downtown Nairobi.
The demonstration came as a response to the court’s decision last February, which allowed the legal registration of a pro-LGBT rights organization in Kenya despite an appeal by the Kenyan government.
Three judges voted in favour of the ruling, while two dissented, arguing that Kenya should not permit the registration of an organization that advocates actions contrary to or expressly prohibited by the Penal Code.
Footage shows the protesters holding banners and placards with messages such as ‘Walk for upholding family values,’ ‘Resign, you betrayed Kenyans,’ and ‘Anti-LGBT movement. Repent and return to God.’
“I would like to urge the government to pass laws like the ones which have been passed in Uganda, and I also want to urge our international friends not to interfere with our affairs. Those things of LGBTQ and others should stop. We are Africans, we are not going to support those things,” said protester Ali Mansoor voicing his concerns.
The protest took place after Friday Muslim prayers, during which the demonstrators presented a petition to parliament.
The Kenya Human Rights Commission issued a statement denouncing the protest as ‘dangerous’ and criticising the ‘hate campaign’ that such demonstrations represent. Amnesty International also expressed deep concern about the recent surge in anti-LGBTIQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex and Queer persons) online and offline statements and actions in Kenya. »


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