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‘Very disappointed!’ – Jordan fans voice mixed feelings as basketball team beat by Philippines at Asian Games final

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« Jordan fans left the stadium with mixed feelings after the men’s basketball finals of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. The Philippines defeated the team to win their first Asian Games gold in 61 years, by a score of 70–60.
“It was quite fierce in the first half, that is, the confrontation between Jefferson and Justin. But in the second half, it could be seen that only Jefferson could stand up on the Jordanian side, and then the team’s three-points seemed cold, which led to a counterattack by the Philippines after their continuous failure to make a shot. As a whole, it’s still a good game”, Mr. Meng said after the game.
However, many fans expressed their disappointment with the quality of the finals. “Can I say that? I thought Jordan was very strong, but it was very similar to the Chinese team. They can’t make an open shot, miss two free throws, and sometimes can’t hold the ball,” Mr. Huang said.
“I came to see Jordan’s Jefferson because he plays like Kobe Bryant. Then I felt very disappointed after watching it because he didn’t perform very well,” added Wu, another added.
China won the bronze medal by defeating Chinese Taipei in the earlier third-place playoff. »

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