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‘We will unite’ – Hundreds rally in Madrid to protest against UN’s 2030 Agenda

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« Hundreds of people took to the streets of Madrid on Saturday to protest against the UN 2030 Agenda.
Footage shows demonstrators marching through the streets of the Spanish capital with flags, banners, and signs, including ‘Stop Agenda 2030’ and ‘We, the People, Against the 2030 Agenda’.
« We are in total disagreement with this entire 2030 agenda. They are implementing it through the back door without having asked us anything at all. And we don’t agree with any of it, » a protester said.
« In the end, we will unite. Against the political and monarchical class. We want it to end, we must have a court of the people and for the people, » added a second.
The 2030 Agenda is an action plan approved by 193 member states of the United Nations that includes 169 economic, social, and environmental goals. »

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