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19th Asian Games conclude with colourful light show illuminating Hangzhou

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« The 19th Hangzhou Asian Games concluded with a llight show illuminating the city skyline on Sunday.
The ceremony was held at the lotus-shaped Olympic Sports Centre Stadium. Footage shows the light show which replaced traditional fireworks with laser shows and augmented reality technology.
China won a record 201 gold medals during the sports competition which was held after a forced break due to COVID19. Under the slogan ‘Heart to Heart, @Future’, the 19th Asian Games ran in six Chinese cities, including Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province.
Over 12,000 athletes from a record 45 countries are competing for 481 gold medals across 40 sports.The 19th Asian Games concluded in the 80,000-capacity Olympic Stadium. At the closing ceremony, China handed over the baton to Japan for 2026. »

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