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Bavaria’s Minister-President Soder casts ballot as state elections kick off

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« Bavaria’s Minister-President and Leader of the Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU), Markus Soder, cast his ballot in his hometown of Nuremberg on Sunday ahead of state elections.
Footage shows Soder and voters at the polling station casting their ballots.
Nearly a quarter of Germany’s population will take part in the state elections in the state of Bavaria but also in Hesse, the fifth largest German state.
The two elections are expected to serve as a form of test of Germany’s central government led by Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, and his left-wing coalition.
CSU’s Soder is expected to win the election in Bavaria though other parties such as the far-right AfD and the centre-right Free Voters (Freie Wahler) are expected to make several gains due to their stances on hot regional issues in the state such as migration. »


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