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Footage appears to show Hamas drone dropping bomb on Israeli tank

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« Footage released by the Hamas Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades appears to show a drone dropping an explosive payload on an Israeli Merkava IV tank and destroying it in an undisclosed location near the Gaza border on Saturday.
On Saturday, October 7, Palestinian militants fired more than 2,000 rockets from the Gaza Strip in a surprise attack against Israel. Meanwhile, Palestinian gunmen crossed into southern Israel via land, sea and air.
At the time of publication, at least 250 Israelis have been killed and 1,800 injured in the surprise attack, according to Israeli authorities.
In retaliation, Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) launched airstrikes against Hamas targets in Gaza and deployed forces in dozens of locations where fighting has been reported.
At least 232 people were killed and 1,650 others wounded during the retaliatory strikes on Gaza. The Israeli Air Force reported that two military bases used by high-ranking members of Hamas inside high-rise buildings were attacked during the operation.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared his country was ‘at war’ saying there would be ‘severe retaliation’ in response to the attack by Palestinian militants. Senior Hamas member Saleh al-Arouri said the militant group was ready ‘for all options, including a war and an escalation on all levels’ according to media reports.
The Palestinian offensive comes on the 50th anniversary of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War when Israel was attacked by Arab states on Yom Kippur. »


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