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Former Trump advisor Gorka denounces Biden’s policies during pro-gun rally in Pennsylvania

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« A former government official in the Trump administration denounced the policies of the US President Joe Biden during a pro-gun rally in Greeley, Pennsylvania on Saturday.
Sebastian Gorka, who was the Deputy Assistant to the President for seven months in 2017, explained that due to « Biden administration’s open border policy, 110,000 Americans were murdered by fentanyl and illicit drugs smuggled » in the United States.
« Do you understand what that means? More people were murdered in 12 months than in 70 years in combat and that was a direct result of this administration, » he explained.
Gorka also spoke about the necessity to ‘take America back’ speaking about the Libertarians as a third-party option which ‘doesn’t have a shot.’
Gorka worked for the Trump administration from January 2017 until his contract was terminated in August 2017. »


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