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‘Frustration with established parties’ – Voters comment on Hesse’s parliament election

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« Voters in the German state of Hesse went to the polls on Sunday. Footage taken in the capital, Frankfurt am main, shows citizens turning out to vote in polling stations.
« I think that a big part of the population feels disenfranchised by the current government and that leads to a lack of trust », said Mateo, a local resident.
Among their priorities, the issues of immigration and inflation appears to be the main ones.
« I believe this is the result of frustration with the established parties and the impression that they do not have a clear concept of how to bring changes and how to help citizens and when they don’t do that, then it is easy to say that it’s all stupid, I am against it, I don’t want this way anymore, even if no one knows how to fix it. It services their wishful thinking and that leads to stronger support for AFD. Also, the AFD is the only party that speaks out very clearly against the current migration politic and that boosts their popularity as well », declared Joerg Backer, another local resident.
Combined with other topics such as infrastructures and economic growth, these are the issues that could motivate voters to inflict a major defeat on Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democratic party.
The party’s candidate for state government is Scholz’s current interior minister, Nancy Faeser, who is seen as one of the main culprits in the migration crisis.
Exit polls at the weekend put the AfD as the second political force in Hesse’s 110-member parliament, beating Scholz and Faeser’s SPD. »


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