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Israeli military fires artillery at Lebanon in response to alleged mortar attacks

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« Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out artillery strikes near the village of Kafar Shuba, in southern Lebanon, on Sunday.
Tel Aviv claimed that it was in response to mortar attacks from across the border that reportedly hit an Israeli military site in the contested Shebaa Farms.
The strikes took place one day after Hamas launched a surprise assault on Israeli cities and army bases from the Gaza strip.
Israel was targeted by a barrage of rockets launched by Palestinian armed group Hamas on Saturday morning.
Israel carried out a massive overnight bombardment of Gaza in retaliation. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed that the first phase of the ‘war’ is over, and that most of the targets were destroyed.
Rallies in support of Palestine were held in many Arab countries, while US and some of its Western allies condemned the Palestinians for the violence. »


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