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Israeli warships fire at Gaza port amid hostilities with Hamas

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« Israeli warships fired at Gaza port on Sunday, one day after Palestinian militants launched an armed incursion into Israel.
Israel was targeted by a barrage of rockets fired by Palestinian armed group Hamas on Saturday morning. Hamas claims to have abducted dozens of Israelis to Gaza; the IDF has confirmed that soldiers and civilians have been taken hostage, but has not specified a number.
Israel carried out a massive overnight bombardment of Gaza in retaliation. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed that the first phase of the ‘war’ is over, and that most of the targets were destroyed.
According to local media, 350 people have been killed in Israel and around 1,900 resulted injured since the beginning of the offensive. The Palestinian Ministry of Public Health confirmed 313 deaths and 1,900 injured in Israeli retaliatory strikes.
Rallies in support of Palestine were held in many Arab countries, while US and some of its Western allies condemned the Palestinians for the violence. »


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