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‘It was a pleasure to watch’ – Soccer fans leave Hangzhou stadium as South Korea beat Japan to take gold at Asian Games

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« Football fans were seen leaving Huanglong Sports Centre Stadium in Hangzhou after the South Korea beat Japan 2-1 in the final soccer match of Asian Games on Saturday.
Footage shows thousands of soccer fans leaving the venue and sharing their emotions after the game.
« I feel that the atmosphere of the stadium is very good, the cheers of the audience are very strong, and today is a contest between two of the top teams in Asia, and the whole game is of high quality, » said the visitor Mr. Liang.
A gold medal at the Asian Games also granted every member of the South Korea squad an exemption from country’s mandatory military service that all able-bodied men must start by the time they turn 28.
This football game can be regarded as the top of Asian football, but Chinese football hit its latest low last Sunday, enduring a « National Day embarrassment » in a 2-0 loss to South Korea at the Hangzhou Asian Games.
« I feel very regretful that the Chinese team did not enter the finals. South Korea and Japan represent the highest level of Asian football. I can only lament that Chinese football still has a lot of space to learn, » explained the visitor Mr. Lin.
It is the third successive triumph in the tournament for South Korea after winning gold in 2014 and 2018. »


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