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‘It’s not a luxury, it is a right’ – Thousands march in Rome for better working conditions, peace in Ukraine

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« Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Rome on Saturday to demand better working conditions, improved public healthcare and an end to the conflict in Ukraine without sanctions and European arms supplies.
Footage shows crowds of protesters waving the red flags of the Italian General Confederation of Labour and marching with banners and signs bearing slogans such as: ‘Health is not a commodity, health is not a business’ and ‘Peace, work and dignity’.
“We are here to ask the Italian government and all political forces to cut all military spending and to invest our resources in caring for people. In assisting people who have difficulties and those who are becoming poorer,” a demonstrator said.
“We are fighting to recover a decent wage. Also against the precariousness of workers that hits young people especially,” added a second.
Maurizio Landini, the leader of Italy’s leading trade union confederation, CGIL, also made an appearance at the demonstration and addressed the crowds from a stage.
“We have the right to transform this country. To change this wrongful society that in these years, in the face of bad decisions and improper laws, has increased inequalities,” he said.
“We have data that is in front of everyone’s eyes. There has been a drop in purchasing power in recent years that is close to 20 per cent.”
According to local reports, 200,000 Protesters marched through the streets of Rome in one of the largest demonstrations in recent years before gathering at the Piazza San Giovanni. »


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